The Best Kids Metal Detector

The Best Kids Metal Detector

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            For too long Kids metal detectors have been completely stagnant, viewed as basically a toy, not to be taken serious and most definitely not capable of really helping our little ones in finding the hidden treasures in the ground. That is until now. Nokta Makro one of the worlds largest metal detector companies has released a very intriguing line of kid’s metal detectors. And quite literally upped the game for any other company planning to release a kid’s detector from here on out. 

Mini Hoard

Nokta Makro Mini and Midi Hoard

        Released just a month or so ago, Nokta Makro has completely disrupted the detecting market yet again!! (Their first market disruption was last year with the release of the Nokta Makro Simplex+ see here)
But what about this kid’s detector has shook the market? The biggest thing I would have to say is it is the WORLDS first fully submersible kids metal detector. That’s right, it is completely submersible to 3 ft., this is a very big thing as many families like to go to the beach on vacations and such and with any Mini or Midi Hoards predecessors from any company, the kiddos had to be careful not to get their detector wet. You can imagine the stress relief this will have on the parents of the young treasure hunter, not worrying about the unit getting wet! The LCD display is super easy for the kiddos to understand, on the Mini Hoard it displays a smiley face with a thumbs up for good targets, and sad face thumbs down for the junk targets. The Iron discrimination feature on both models works flawlessly, and the Midi Hoard has picture indicators for what the target could be on the LCD screen. With the three levels of discrimination the Midi hoard offers, it shows on the screen and through audio response if the target is in the iron range, nickel or gold range, or in the high conductive silver, dimes and quarter range.

Models and Features

        The Mini hoard has two different models and three versions and a price that will make any parent happy! Lets talk about the Mini Hoard first!

MINI Hoard Specifications:

Cost: $99

       The Mini hoard is aimed at children 4-8 years of age, it operates at 15kHz (not sure what that means check out our article on Frequency and How it affects your Metal Detector). The Mini hoard also has 2 Audio tones and an Iron discrimination feature.  It also is equipped with a pinpoint feature to help locate the precise location of the target in the ground. And for the forgetful or busy kiddo it also has an auto shut-off feature. It also has a depth indicator in the form of piles of dirt, one pile being not very deep up to three piles indicating the target is deeper. The Search coil is 6” in diameter and the total unit weight is only 1.7lbs. The Mini hoard runs on 2 AA batteries and has a retractable shaft that will accommodate 25”-35” length.

It also is backed by a two-year warranty! 

Mini Hoard

Midi Hoard Specifications:

Cost: $119

            As Stated above both units are IP68 waterproof rated to 3ft., the Midi hoard has three levels of discrimination, three audio tones, a 7” search Coil, operates at 15kHz, has a depth indicator with three levels of depth sensitivity (shallow, medium depth, and deep) has a retractable shaft from 32.5”-42”. Weighs only 1.9lbs.

The Midi Hoard is aimed at kiddos 8-11yrs old. For Kids older than 11 we would suggest a Nokta Makro Simplex+ Series, a Minelab Vanquish Series, or a Garrett Ace Series

MIDI Hoard

The Cool Kit

Cost $119

            The third option is more of just an accessory option. The Mini Hoard Cool Kit option. The Cool Kit is the Standard Mini Hoard with the option to have a scoop, a sand sifter and some stickers for the kiddos to decorate their Mini Hoard. 

Cool Kit Accessories

Sum it up

       Just to summarize, any of these detectors are a great option for the appropriate age. These units are stable, they ACTUALLY work as a detector should and they are super easy to understand, use and AFFORD! There are links throughout the article that will take you to our site for purchase options. Thes kids detectors are great for birthdays and Christmas presents and will satisfy any young treasure hunters desire to find and save treasures lost to the depth of our earth!

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