Meet the Field Team Pt. Two


Sharing our passion of saving history by helping YOU save it!

     Really quickly I would like to say that this series is all about our We Dig Metal Detectors Field Team. As being part of the community and giving back is so important to all of us here at, We Dig Metal Detectors, we thought this would be a great way to share our love for the hobby and highlight some of the hobby’s best detectorists. Our Field Team members, are comprised of some of the hobby’s greatest ambassadors! We can’t say enough about our Field Team, but through out the series you will learn about each one of them and grow to love them and how they represent the hobby! As of right now we have five Field Team Members, if you know someone who is a great ambassador for the hobby, and loves to share their love for the hobby on YouTube or social media, shoot us an email we would love to discuss it with you! [email protected] is a direct line to our CEO Andrew O’Neal!

Joe Setti

Who is Joe Setti

     My name is Joe Setti, I reside in the state of Connecticut. I am married to my amazing wife of 23 years Jennifer, we have five amazing children, and four grandchildren. I have been in the Automotive business for over 30 years. My hobbies include metal detecting, fishing, and golf.


     I got started in the hobby of metal detecting because of Trey Crawford. He would make monthly visits to my store and talk about metal detecting and show me all pictures of his finds. I would always call him a GOOBER, and to that he replied, “Don’t knock it till you try it.” He invited me out to a permission and from that day forward I was hooked. My first detector was a Garrett AT Pro. Later purchased the Nokta Makro Simplex+. Now my collection consists of a Simplex+, Minelab CTX 3030 and the Minelab Equinox 800.

     Why do I love this hobby? I was never really into history. But recovering history through detecting is pure amazement to me. Who would have known finding relics, coins, and anything else that comes out of a little plug in the ground could be such an adrenaline rush. I shake, I feel my heartbeat quicken, pure enjoyment. After digging for a day and returning home I can't wait to sort my finds to be able to start researching them. 

     Where do I like to detect? I'm a woods and field guy. Nothing like hiking miles out in the woods looking for that spot. Or knowing the history of a particular house or field and the mind starts turning in hope of silver from the past. I have done very little beach hunting but wouldn't mind trying it again

What are my favorite finds? To be honest all of my finds no matter what they are. Let's start with my coins. 1814 Capped Bust Dime, 1786 NJ Copper, 1794 Capped Bust Copper. Relic finds, Silver Knee Buckle Hallmark from Dublin 1732, Handmade Copper Cross, numerous buttons and bells. 


That about covers it for me! Thanks for taking the time to read about myself! I hope to meet you all at an upcoming event!




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