Meet the Field Team Pt. Three


Sharing our passion of saving history by helping YOU save it!

     Really quickly I would like to say that this series is all about our We Dig Metal Detectors Field Team. As being part of the community and giving back is so important to all of us here at, We Dig Metal Detectors, we thought this would be a great way to share our love for the hobby and highlight some of the hobby’s best detectorists. Our Field Team members, are comprised of some of the hobby’s greatest ambassadors! We can’t say enough about our Field Team, but through out the series you will learn about each one of them and grow to love them and how they represent the hobby! As of right now we have five Field Team Members, if you know someone who is a great ambassador for the hobby, and loves to share their love for the hobby on YouTube or social media, shoot us an email we would love to discuss it with you! [email protected] is a direct line to our CEO Andrew O’Neal!

Ray's Card

      Hello We Dig Family.

      My Name is Ray Sawyer. I was born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts. I have one son named Colin. I graduated high school, Class of 95, and played several sports such as hockey, football & lacrosse. My other hobbies aside from still playing Hockey are Fishing, spending time with my son, and of course saving history metal detecting...

      When I was younger teen, my aunt & uncle would take me to the beach with them during vacations. I would follow around my uncle while he swung his trusty Whites metal detector on the beach. It was too heavy for me to carry, but I sure loved digging his holes in the beach sand for whatever goodies he had found... This started my love for the hobby, I knew one day, I'd have my own machine, and would be finding treasure of my own.

Ray coins_1

     Through my later years, I would buy several machines, learning the Ins and outs of many different brands. I currently run a YouTube Channel 413 Mass Digger and I am also an admin in two metal detecting groups on Facebook, Metal Detecting Unlimited and Detecting the Heartland.

      Living in Massachusetts, I am very fortunate to have amazing history all around me., My favorite places to hunt are 1700-1800 farms, and woods. Especially woods of old abandoned picnic groves. Even grass lawns or Fields of old houses and schools. There is almost nothing more exciting than finding a colonial coin or relic. To be honest, I'm happy hunting just about anywhere!! 

Ray's Buckles

     Being able to research, where my find came from, what it is, or who may have lost it, is just as fun as finding if. I love to restore finds, and display my coins and relics.

     I have many bucket listers I'd love to find, such as a Mass. Pine tree Shilling, any Gold Coin, and Civil War relics! My bucket list is long, and to say I'm hooked on the hobby is an understatement.

     I think my favorite finds to date are my Colonial Shoe Buckles, my 1795 Liberty Cap Cent, and 1729 - 1754 KG2 coppers.

      My current Machine is an Equinox 600 with a Detect-Ed carbon fiber shaft, with a stock coil. I also have an assortment of other machines for friends and back- ups...

     Thank you for taking some time to learn about myself & my love for the metal detecting hobby.

Remember Low & Slow... Dig’em all!! - Ray


Ron Lefebvre

Date 11/13/2020

Just a shout out to Ray.. Been in the hobby for many years now. Found your YouTube channel a couple months ago. You have made some amazing finds, congrats on those. Glad to see a native Springfielder doing well in the hobby. I grew up in Holyoke and transplanted to Belchertown in the early 90's. My brother and I will be swinging Water shops Nov.14th early in the morning. I'll keep my eye out for you. HH.. Ron Lefebvre

Oolah Boudreau-Taylor

Date 8/2/2021 3:10:51 PM

Hi, My husband and I haven't seen any now vids from you on Youtube for weeks. Are you okay?

Ray Sawyer

Date 11/20/2020 12:32:16 AM

Hey bud, im there all the time but mostly on the Wilberham Rd side, buly the Springfield College east campus woods, i seem to do better on that side, til we migrate to another side haha, sorry i missed you but if you come back, hope to meet ya!! HH

Ray Sawyer

Date 11/20/2020 12:30:10 AM

Wow thats awesome to hear buddy, i really appreciate the kind words!! Take Care & HH-Ray

Michael Saccamando

Date 12/27/2020

Hi Ray, I met you as we were leaving one evening from watershops back in November. As I was about to drive away you shouted to me to check out 413 MassDigger on Youtube. Wow I didn't realize I was talking to a detecting celebrity! Since then I have enjoyed viewing your videos .You are an inspiration to all local detectorist and your passion for the hobby really shows. I like hunting anywhere history may be lost but my preference is deep in the woods around old colonial cellar holes. My oldest coin is a 1783 Nova Constellatio found on my campsite in RI. I presently detect with a Whites MXTAllpro but sadly I'm on my third loop as the quality of Whites has gone downhill in my opinion resulting in the company going out of business. Next spring I will be upgrading to a Minelab equinox 600 as you yourself can testify is a great detector. Happy New Year to you and let 2021 be a great year. Sincerely, Mike aka Relic Redeemer

Ray Sawyer

Date 4/23/2021 1:16:22 AM

Most definately bud, the Nox is a beast of beasts!! I really hope you ended up getting one!! Lets hunt somtime for sure if you like!! Cheers!! [email protected]

Ray Sawyer

Date 4/23/2021 1:14:21 AM

Hey Bud, sorry about the late response,, for some reason i never saw this!! Glad you took the time to look me up, i really appreciate that!! Im always down at the watershops if youre ever in the area, swing by id love to chat again!! Hope you are well!! Email me at [email protected] .. Take care friend!! -Ray

Michael Reed

Date 2/19/2021

Hey Ray, I got turned on to your youtube somehow I dont know how. 413 Mass Digger, how fun! I would like try I think. Can you recommend some resources to help get started? And I alqways wonder what you say to residential places to ask for permission? Thanks for your time. Mike. My niece and nephew are from Wwestfield. They finished up high sc hool in Foxboro. I live in a house, 1872, built with the reward money from capturing Jefferson Davis. Allegan Michigan

Ray Sawyer

Date 4/23/2021 1:11:43 AM

Sorry ,, disregard the last comment,, Email me at [email protected] and i can get you started or help you with anything you need, sorry about the late response my friend!! -Ray

Ray Sawyer

Date 4/23/2021 1:09:11 AM

Not sure why i never got the notification for this!?? Thats awesome bud, glad you took the time to look me up!! Im really sorry about the late response!! Hope all is well during this crazy time!! You can catch me down at the drained watershops pond, until they fill it back up!! Take care my friend, great to hear from you!! HH-Ray

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